New hobbies such as diamond paintings


Amanda Bream

Finished diamond painting of “Fun never ends” by Mandie Manzano. Can be found on Diamond Art Club.

By: Amanda Bream
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Diamond painting is a hobby that many do not know of but tend to enjoy once it is tried.
During quarantine, many students found many different hobbies to stay entertained. A big hobby that was tried was diamond painting. Diamond painting is like painting with numbers but with little beads.
The colors of the beads correspond to a symbol on the canvas and should be placed on that symbol. In the end, it should make a picture.
Many find this hobby to be very calming and satisfying. In fact, it has become so popular that it is not uncommon to see videos on Tiktok.
On Tiktok, it is popular to post ASMR videos with diamond painting. This is because placing the beads makes little pops. Sometimes people also diamond paint and have stories in the background as well.
Diamond painting is a very time-consuming hobby but it is well worth it in the end. When buying diamond paintings one must be careful. Depending on the size the photo may come out pixelated.
For some, this does not matter. All that matters maybe just placing the diamonds down. For others though, it is all about the picture.
One can find cheap paintings on Amazon but a lot of the kits are not licensed. This is very important because if it is not licensed then the artist who made the artwork is not getting paid.
A good company to buy from is Diamond Art Club. The artwork is licensed so it might be a bit more expensive. The quality is also way better than the cheap paintings off of Amazon.
Many cannot afford those paintings though or are not as into it as others. If so, then Amazon paintings will be the best bet for that person.
There are many new companies out there so it is all about personal preference.