New semester begins


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Students congregate in libraries to study for the new semester.

Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Last semester left many students feeling defeated, but a new day brings a new semester full of possibilities.
Students recall that last semester was full of struggles and hardships.
“Coming out of COVID-19 was extremely difficult and I just don’t think that I was prepared for in-person schooling again,” junior, Gabie Martinez said.
Due to more COVID-19 variants being discovered, some students were reluctant to return to school.
“With how many cases were at our school last semester, I hoped that we would go back to online school, but since we didn’t I am here again. I am kind of scared about catching COVID-19, but there isn’t anything I can do about it,” junior, Natalie Diaz said.
Other students wanted to go back to online school in hopes that it would help get their grades up.
“At this point, I don’t know if I’m cut out for an in-person schooling experience. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to try, but coming to school every day has become quite stressful,” junior, Darrah Simon.
There was a record amount of tardies and failing last semester, but some students have become reformed and want to try harder.
“Last semester I knew I wasn’t doing good, I just felt that there was no point in trying anymore because I was so far gone. I’m going to do better this time though. I have hope for my future and want to get my life together now,” junior, Jasmine Williams said.
Among the student body are also those who were excited for school to come back.
“I don’t know what it was, but this Christmas and break weren’t hitting the same as it has before. Because of this, I was pretty excited to come back to school,” junior, Carmella Korte said.
The students of Centennial share many different opinions about coming back to school and what the new semester will bring, but either way, it will be a surprise.