Las Vegas citizens contemplate bipolar weather

The last few weeks Las Vegas was very hot, but the weather kept changing and then it became super cold.
The weather has been crazy and not normal like it used to be in the year of 2015 and before.
The weather is getting even worse and worse. Sometimes it will be very hot but it changed immediately the next day. For instance, a few weeks ago, when it was supposed to be cold because it was closer to winter and December, it was around 60 to 70 degrees, which is very hot in the middle of the cold.
Right after it got warm it snowed not even a day later. The weather was about 40 degrees or less. This week it is still colder than last week which is crazy because it is getting colder and than warm again. A few weather channels talk of the weather getting warmer again but a chance of it getting cold once again. No one knows how long it will last.
Students are not required, but very recommended to bring warm clothes like jackets and long pants. Bringing a jacket to prepare for the cold weather is better than walking out and feeling freezing and not prepared for the cold.
Once again on the Weather app for Apple phones it says that the weather will be getting up to 75 degrees on Wednesday and then getting colder again on Friday making it around 50 degrees.
Wearing shorts and a short shirt is not worth being freezing plus the possibility of getting sick or just being cold, but being hot in a jacket is good since it could easily be taken off.