My plan for future

I have learned so much throughout my four years of high school and am now looking forward to going to college.
During my four years of high school, it has been a rocky road full of unfortunate events leading me all over the place. COVID-19 took away one and a half years from my in-person education. During my sophomore year, I moved across the country from Chicago, Illinois to Las Vegas when the COVID-19 quarantine was starting.
In my spare time, I would play sports, make music and create artwork which helped me and stressed me out at times. I do not think that I would have survived high school without any of these things in my life.
One thing that I enjoyed the most was playing all the different sports in high school. In my freshman year, I joined the football team, bowling team and golf team to figure out what sport I wanted to continue to play in the future.
Fast forward to today and I now finished my last season on the bowling team after having an amazing season. I finished the season fourth in average across all of Vegas, one of two bowlers to achieve a perfect game of 300, and finished second in the MVP tournament after qualifying first.
Next year I will be leaving Las Vegas and Nevada in general to attend Grand Canyon University, which I already got accepted into since the beginning of this school year. I will be majoring in sports and entertainment management with a minor in finance.