Exams around corner


Finn Green

English teacher’s depiction of what is going to happen during the exam.

All throughout May 20th to 25th are exam days for Cenntenial this year and this might be what it is like for other CCSD schools as well.
The exam schedule may seem a bit complicated but not too bad for students or staff to understand. From now until then exams will start in four days. The rest of this week is for students to prepare for exams. The late work due date has passed and students can no longer turn in work.
The schedule for the exams will be as follows; the first exam will be held on May 20th the exams will be second and fourth periods, but after the exam, students will go back to normal classes which are periods six and eight. The second exam will take place on May 23rd and will not have any normal periods afterward, this will consist of periods one and three. The third exam day will be May 24th and will consist of periods six and eight. The final exam will be on May 25th and will be periods five and seven.
So teachers and even students are encouraged to study as much as possible especially during this whole week of time to be able to study.
“I think I will, and I think others should, but if you don’t, it is not a huge worry because we’re probably going to do plenty of reviews in class,” sophomore, Quinton Stone said.