New Journalism club coming to campus


Geno Samaniego Estrada

Mr. Penkalski working at his desk.

A new Journalism club is planning to be added to the list of up-and-coming clubs on campus.
This addition will be the first time Centennial has seen a Journalism club and everyone is invited to join. Mr. Penkalski will soon be hosting this club in room 213 and the club itself will open “within weeks,” Journalism teacher, Christopher Penkalski said.
This club is being created to widen the field of Journalism as “Ms. Marzka wants to expand on Journalism. I need to make Journalism available to other kids not in Journalism.” As to how and what type of club this will be, it will be a “student run club” Penkalski said.
Currently, the world of Journalism at Centennial has been subjugated by two classes, Journalism I and Journalism II. These classes also work in a student run fashion, where the students organize themselves into making a great story for Centennials Bark! Newspaper.
Journalism I focuses on the foundations of Journalism and how to write an article correctly. Journalism II on the other hand is when you genuinely start to write articles for the Bark! Newspaper.
The world of Journalism is vast and can branch out to many careers that can further be studied in college such as News Reporter, Content Marketer, Copywriter, Editor, Social media specialist, Etc. These jobs and many more connect the world with news from around the world that is of importance.
This Journalism Club will hopefully take those who want to learn more about Journalism to the next level and maybe catch the interest of others who have never heard of Journalism.