Students vs parents: opinions on Centennial’s badge policy


Elizabeth Merrill

Centennial High School lanyards, distributed with badges.

Centennial’s rule, requiring students to wear badges at all times, came into effect Monday, Aug 29. Badges are checked at the door coming into school and teachers check badges in classes.
Since the announcement of the policy, students have heavily criticized it and many do not take it seriously. This attitude has led to students not wearing the badges and many students were sent to the office to receive a new one on the first day.
While some students actively ignore the policy, others simply go along with it, not wanting to cause problems.
“They’re a little annoying because if you forget it you get yelled at. I mean, like it’s just one day you forget it and it’s not that bad,” freshman, Catherine Merrill said.
Badges are worn to identify students and teachers as people who should be in the school. IDs and lanyards help the school identify who seniors are and whether or not those students should be leaving.
“Also, they’re itchy. It scratches my neck and my teachers yelled at me for wearing it on my belt,” Merrill said.
The first three badges per student are issued for free. After that, it is a fine for every badge that needs to be replaced. After the fifth badge, students will be required to have a meeting with the Student Success Office.
“I think it’s stupid and exaggerated,” freshman, Syvanna Mead said.
Starting Wednesday, teachers were seen holding QR codes for students to scan if badges were forgotten. This QR code leads to a replacement form. A completed request form could be used to get into the school and have another badge delivered to students during class.
“I’m sure this policy is to help keep people at school, but I don’t think it will do much good. Students forget things all the time so I think ultimately it will be more work for the school staff and won’t necessarily keep people out of the school who don’t belong there,” parent of Centennial students, Jennifer Merrill said.
Though the first few days were chaotic, it will only be after a few weeks when it will be clear whether the badge policy will improve.