Chase Tanneberg


Alina Paradowski

Tanneberg stayed late helping a student.

Chase Tanneberg is from Kennewick, Washington. As a child, he loved playing sports and staying active.
He grew up a multi-sport athlete playing baseball, football, golf, and played hockey on a club team. Throughout his high school years, Tanneberg enjoyed the social part of high school and meeting friends.
Tanneberg attended Weber State University in Utah for college. He enjoyed living an independent life and being with friends was the highlight of the college experience for him.
His first few jobs before becoming a teacher were as a baseball empire, hockey official, and painter. Tanneberg’s first teaching job was at Findlay Middle School.
Tanneberg specifically became a mathematics teacher because he loves math and he was good at it. He also has a degree in applied mathematics, a master’s, and a bachelor’s degree. Another reason he became a teacher is he enjoys the hours of working and the vacation time. A big part of being a teacher is helping students and Tanneberg enjoys helping students, challenging them, and watching them succeed.
Tanneberg is a big sports fan, liking the Seattle Seahawks, The Vegas Golden Knights, The Seattle Mariners, and The Las Vegas Aces. He also sometimes officiates sports.
Some interesting facts about Tanneberg are that he is on the USA Hockey National Rulebook and he works for the NHL as an off-ice official.
Being a teacher can often be challenging but some of Tannenberg’s goal is to get students to enjoy learning, help students engage in the ability to think, and lastly help his students understand mathematical concepts easier.
Tanneberg is a great employee and someone that anyone could work with.
“It is awesome working with Chase. He is one funny dude and plays some of the best pranks,” his coworker Lance August said.
“Mr.Tanneberg works twice as hard as most teachers. He consistently stays after school until 4-5 p.m grading papers,” AP Biology teacher David Stewart said.