Is it really “To Prepare Students for Success Beyond Graduation?”


This is the schoolś mission statement, but are they really living up to it?

School is not setting a firm foundation for students’ lives beyond graduation.
When looking at Nevada and its school systems compared to other states, the schools are ranked 46 in the country, highest to lowest based on the quality of education and safety of the environment. When diving deeper, Centennial High School is 14th in Las Vegas with the school quality being labeled ‘average’ with a 5/10.
It is well understood that everyone has been recovering from the pandemic effects but to what extent is everything going to be made more accessible and for how long? When schools were opened up for the return of the students, Clark County School District implemented a minimum 50% “F” and an acceptable late policy.
This was a great assist to the majority of the students considering the adjustment back to the school environment, and it allowed them to pull through when they had fallen behind in classes but going on 2 years post-pandemic, this is not setting the students up for their future. As many students excel in school and plan to head off to college, there will not be a minimum ‘F’ to help dig them out of a self-made hole.
The district’s motto is, “To prepare students for success beyond graduation,” but it is not being considered that the adjustments made will have students used to flexible circumstances in high school. However, after, many places will only allow firm structure without room to slack.
As of right now the “wiggle room” is greatly accepted but if the structure does not become more firm rather than flexible, the students will not have been set up for success after graduation.