National Holidays


Petr Kratochvil

Many people use holidays as an opportunity to travel and see family.

There are many holidays that are celebrated throughout the year, the federal government recognizing 10 of them, but there are more than 1,500 national holidays.
Why do we have so many of these holidays and are they even celebrated?
Many of these national holidays were started to get people to talk about certain products. On July 31, despite the numerous newsworthy international events, the trending Twitter topic was avocados because it was National Avocado Day.
“My dad works at a bowling alley and he could never understand why there were always so many customers on August 14. It was just a random day. Turns out August 14 is National Bowling Day,” freshman, Kyle Freese said.
On average, every day has about four or five national holidays. For example, March 12 is National Plant a Flower Day, Check Your Batteries Day, National Girl Scout Day, National Working Mom’s Day, and many more.
“I think all these National holidays are stupid. No one celebrates them or even knows they exist. I don’t know why we need them,” sophomore, George Whitman said.
Many national holidays were created to advertise, but what is the harm in celebrating and adding a bit of fun to your day?
“My siblings and I celebrate National Pet Day on April 11th. We buy special treats for our dogs and take them to the park,” senior, Olivia Nelson said.