Conor McGregor allegations fly after altercation on boat


Wikimedia Commons

Conor McGregor pictured at UFC press conference.

McGregor made his name in combat sports, specifically his role in the UFC.
He became a champion in two separate weight classes and will go down in history as one of the most elite strikers for the company. But his role in multiple legal problems has put a sour note on both his career and character.
According to a report from the Majorca Daily Bulletin, former UFC champion Conor McGregor is under investigation for an alleged attack on a yacht in July.
A woman has reportedly claimed to Irish police that while celebrating McGregor’s 34th birthday on the yacht, he became aggressive and physically assaulted her, kicking her in the midsection and punching her on the chin, and also threatening to drown her.
“I knew that I had to get off the boat because I thought that he was going to kill me,” the woman said.
McGregor’s spokesperson has denied the allegations. Spanish authorities have reopened an investigation based on the woman’s statement. This is not the first time McGregor has faced legal issues. The investigation is ongoing.
“Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat,” a spokesperson for McGregor, Karen Kessler said.
McGregor has had his fair share of controversies, and he hasn’t shied away from making news headlines. In 2018, he was sued by a woman who accused him of rape, although Irish prosecutors did not bring criminal charges.