Dungeons and Dragons opens up to new gamers


Victoria French

Bring a pencil and eraser the rest the club covers. The two most important rules are have fun and listen to your Dungeon Master.


There are so many great clubs at Centennial for all kids and there is a fairly new club that is growing in popularity.
Dungeons and Dragons Club, also known as DnD Club, was started in the 2019-2020 school year before the pandemic shut the school down.
DnD club was small at the start then grew quite large in a short period of time. Students make characters of all backgrounds and talents play in crazy and epic stories.
In this club you would be put into groups with a Dungeon Master also called DM for short. They would be in charge of telling storylines and throwing events that characters have to slave through to get rewards.
Races are what your character is then classes are what that character specializes in. There are rule-breaking rogues to holy fighting paladins.
Players would make characters to play in these stories. These characters could be any race imaginable from little halflings to large dragonborns, and there are so many to choose from, each with its flaws and advantages.
Once with a DM and characters, the story begins. Most characters start separate till the DM makes all the characters meet together to form a party and go on quests.
The old-style gaming with paper pencils and dice is still fun and a good way to socialize.
DnD club was worried it would be kicked to the curb once the pandemic hit but the club adapted and learned to play online over Discord. Discord is a gaming chat that can be used for all kinds of things and it helped keep DnD Club going in this crazy time.
As school starts to reopen and students return, the senior staff will move on. Things are going to shift and the club will be staying the same; it’ll just be under a new team with new plans.
The new president Makaelyn Hunter plans on keeping things the same but may make changes as things pop up.
“As for how happy I was, I was mainly glad that I’d be able to keep DnD club going since I’ve had so much fun being a part of it. It’s nice to be able to be the leader of the club that can do that for other people,” Hunter said.
“I honestly don’t really have a plan aside from doings in a similar fashion to how Shay and Devin did. I’ve never run a club before so it’s new to me,” Hunter said.