Centennial’s first football game was electric

By: Brayden Harper
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Sports Editor

The day was awaited by not only Centennial, but all high schools, the first football game in over 500 days after the 2020 season was derailed due to an ongoing pandemic.
Centennial’s football team has had trouble in keeping it’s players off the positive covid list, but nonetheless, they still made their way to the game and put up a good performance against Shadow Ridge. The field was electric, students and fans were there and set the stage for a great game. The theme for Centennial’s side of the bleachers was cowboy/cowgirl theme, and it showed. The Bulldogs ended up losing the game, but the overall atmosphere was enough to make anyone excited.
Shadow Ridge got off to a good start in their home crowd, with a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, but Centennial pulled it back the second quarter and scored 16 points to put themselves in the lead going into halftime, Centennial up 16-13. Halftime ended and Shadow Ridge pulled back the lead and in both the third and fourth quarter, they scored 18 points compared to Centennial 6 points. Shadow Ridge won the game, 31-22. Centennial now starts the year, (0,1) and Shadow Ridge proceeds with a (1,0) record.

Leaders of the Game:
QB, Alonzo Balderama: 8/18, 155 yds, and 1 td.

RB, Samuel Martinez: 8 carries, 105 yds, and 2 tds.

Tj Turner: 3 receptions, 112 yds, and 1 td.