Club volleyball game locations


Valentina Medina

Team Dynamite playing against Ta’ahine at Jam On It Sportsplex on October 2nd, 2021.

By: Valentina Medina
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Volleyball games for outside clubs are starting up again, but the locations are ridiculously far away.
Clubs like Dynamite that practice through NYS began their games on Sept. 25th, and are required to play at the Jam On It Sportsplex gym.
The Durango YMCA allows the club to practice there, but games are no longer being held there anymore.
“The YMCA doesn’t want NYS to have games here. That’s all I know. The Jam On It gym literally smells in there, and half of the building isn’t even finished,” athlete, Mylee Snyder said.
The Nevada Volleyball Center is also close by, so it became convenient to play at that location. However, athletes were told they could not use that gym for the rest of the season due to a COVID-19 related issue.
“Nevada Volleyball Center had a covid problem, so that’s why we’re not using them this weekend,” coach, Jen Snyder said.
Athletes are frustrated about this location change, as they have to drive a far distance solely to play a 50-minute game.
“It’s so inconvenient it makes me mad. It takes an hour to get there,” athlete, Kaylee Creelman said.
Not only are the games far away, but they are also in the middle of the day. This awkward time makes it difficult for these young teenagers to get a ride.
“It is super far like I don’t have a ride,” athlete, Sabine Burris said.
Teams that play in the Summerlin area of Nevada should not be forced to drive to Henderson each weekend.