Teams at Centennial prepare for weekly COVID-19 testing



Students who are vaccinated do not have to partake in weekly testing, as long as they have a copy of their vaccine card.

By: Emily Johnson
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Editor in Chief

New regulations have been enforced for students on certain teams to get tested for COVID-19.
All of ROTC and sports teams at Centennial are being volunteered to get weekly COVID-19 tests unless they are able to show proof of vaccination. If they do not, they will be taken out of their specific team.
“I feel like it would be less of an issue for me if other people, besides ROTC and other sports teams, would have to get tested as well,” senior, Neo Dimalaluan said.
These new regulations were enforced by Governor Sisolak across Clark County. The reasoning behind this is to try and identify those who have positive tests, and make sure they do not get their fellow peers sick, as well as contact trace those who have been around that person.
“The overall testing I support though, because of health and safety purposes,” Dimalaluan said.
The weekly testing will determine who does or does not have COVID-19 before it spreads to their classmates and teachers.
“[COVID-19] testing at school is convenient for those who need to get tested,” senior, Delaney Day said.
Fortunately for students and teachers, testing is free for all and they do it every week at the school for those who must get tested depending on what sports or activities they take part in.
“It’s especially convenient for those groups who have to get tested to be able to do it at the school and not have to pay for it somewhere else and do it on their own time,” Day said.