Mental health lurks in background


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Many come up with comics to help distract from the seriousness of mental health.

By: Amanda Bream
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs

Many people across the world give input about mental health every day.
Mental health has become a popular discussion around the world. However, the idea of even having a mental illness used to be considered taboo and was frowned upon.
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five adults lives with a mental illness. Many are not getting the help that is needed. Mental health is a topic not to be messed with.
In fact, people brush off the fact that someone may have a mental illness. This can cause many problems for those who have a mental illness. This may make that person feel as though nobody cares.
There are many ways to check on how someone is doing.
First, if there is someone who seems sad or more down than usual, check on that person. Ask how their day was or if that person needs anything. This is something small that can make a big impact.
One could try buying a coffee or writing the person a note. This is, yet again, another small action that can make a big impact.
Lastly, if someone seems like they are really struggling, talk to that person. Do not avoid talking about the issue, because then it will never be addressed.
Remember to always check up on friends and family. No one knows what that person may be going through. Weekly check-ins are small but important.