Flag football reaches playoffs

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Centennial’s Varsity Flag Football team worked hard throughout the season and made it to the playoffs.
After a season of numerous consecutive wins, the team’s hard work paid off with the ability to play in the league playoffs.
“We won a lot and sometimes the games were difficult so it’s really great to be able to say that we made it to the playoffs and have a good chance at making it to State and winning,” junior Imoni Kulp-Otis said.
There were a fair amount of schools that also made it to playoffs, and most of them were from schools that the team previously beat.
“The schools that made it into playoffs are Desert Oasis, Desert Pines, Canyon Springs, Del Sol, Arbor View, Liberty, Legacy, Chaparral, Basic, Rancho, and Durango. And just so we are clear, we plan on beating all of them,” senior, Natasha Johnson said.
In order to get to this point the team had to train and beat out numerous schools while learning from past mistakes to become better players.
“We played eight games that counted towards our school getting a spot, and then we also played a lot of tournaments. We went 16-6 in our season and I am very proud,” Johnson said.
The team has created a legacy that was hard to achieve and will continue for as long as possible.
“At one time we were first in a division, but we ended up being third in the 4A mountain division, which is still a huge accomplishment,” Johnson said.
Playoffs will last for five non-consecutive days and will conclude with the state championship.
“We already beat Arbor View last week and after that, we will conquer and earn our spot at State,” junior, Darrah Simon said.
The road to victory is long, but the Varsity team plans on going the distance.