Centennial ROTC unit presents American flag prior to NASCAR race

Centennial High School’s ROTC unit had the opportunity to present the nation’s flag during the national anthem prior to the NASCAR Pennzoil 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 6, 2022.
Almost 40 cadets surrounded the enormous flag as everyone stood and waited for the song to commence.
“The presentation was very beautiful. When the jets flew over it was an amazing sight. ROTC did an extraordinary job,” Centennial parent, Maria Johnson said.
What was equally exciting was that some cadets got to meet Mark Wystrachm, one of the singers a part of the band Midland.
After all the cadets were finished, the race commenced, and those who participated in the event were able to get tickets for their families as well so they could watch the race.
“The race was exciting. I had not been to one in years. I had a lot of energy during it,” Johnson said.
Alex Bowman won the Pennzoil 400, representing Chevrolet #48. He officially replaced Jimmie Johnson, one of the most famous NASCAR drivers, in 2021.
“Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are my favorites, so it was fun to see Johnson’s replacement, as well as watch him win,” Centennial parent, Chuck Johnson said.
Overall, many people had a great time. Lots of those who were there barbecued or ate at the concession stands and enjoyed their time cheering on their favorite drivers.
Hopefully, within the following years, there will be more events like this that Centennial students can partake in since it is not only a fun experience, but an honor to be a part of.