Raiders looking like favorites to finish last in the division


Levi Damien

Raiders’ free agency is underway and they are off to a slow start.

So far in free agency, the Las Vegas Raiders have not made any significant moves to propel them to a better season.
Since the start of free agency, the Raiders have done one key thing. The team has extended their star defensive end “Mad Maxx Crosby” who is coming off of his best season as one of the league’s best defensive ends.
Other than that they have not done anything impactful to the team’s future in the upcoming NFL season. The thing that fans should be worried about is the amount of action being dealt with the other teams in the division.
Starting with the Denver Broncos, the Broncos have made one of the biggest transactions of the whole offseason so far. The team went out and traded for star quarterback from Seattle, Russel Wilson.
With this trade, the Broncos had to give up some of their future draft capital with higher value picks. They also had to get rid of their starting tight end Noah Fant who is a top 10 player in his position.
Los Angeles has made the most noise in free agency out of all the teams in the NFL with their main goal to build a superteam to try and win the Super Bowl next season. The Rams recently brought back their no. 2 receiver Mike Williams who is such an important player to that offense.
Where they have gained most of their attention is who they have brought in. Los Angeles brought in players like Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson.
Mack from the Chicago Bears and who played for the Raiders before has an insane resume with 6 pro-bowl appearances, 3-time All-pro first team, and 2016 defensive player of the year. He is coming off of an injury from last season but he is still a threat when paired up with their other edge rusher, Joey Bosa.
Now J.C. Jackson who just came off of his best season with 8 interceptions and the most tackles he has had in his career. He established himself as a top threat at his position on the field.
For the Raiders to have a chance at making the playoffs next season, the team needs to start spending big money of draft capital to bring in some top talent to help the potential of this team skyrocket and to compete with the other teams in the division.