Centennial’s fight against Basic



The team fought hard but couldn’t pull through

Centennial Football had a mighty fight against Basic last Friday.
It was the second game of the season and the team pushed until the end. The freshman team fought hard but trailed with a final score of 30-6.
The Junior Varsity team had an amazing game with the 17-20 overtime win; with the winning touchdown scored by Dale Flores.
When asked about how leadership is used by the quarterback, sophomore Dale Flores said, “Keep everyone in the game, keep everyone’s head up, and keep fighting until the end.”
Centennial’s Varsity team fell short 38-14. Touchdowns were scored by senior Damari Wiggins and junior Angelo Ahern.
When asking Coach Forshee about what the team could fix for the next upcoming game he said, “Try to correct mistakes from the last two games. Turnovers, penalties, and alignment issues. Also, try to simplify some things and introduce new schemes that will hopefully allow us to be more consistent.”
Centennial is trying to bring the team’s wins back up after being 1-8 last year and in 2019 12-2.
Leadership is a key to winning games and when asked about how leadership is on the team, Coach Forshee said “Leadership is something that we are struggling with right now. We have some of our leaders and key players injured and it is tough for them to be in the mix and help lead. We have gotten better from last year and there are some great signs that it is happening, but we still have a ways to go.”