CCSD missed the mark

No winter sports planned

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CCSD plans to have students return to school and resume sporting activities along with the performing arts.
Along with these announcements, people learned that these events would have “no spectators”.
Not only would the extra-curricular activities be a little awkward, but the return to school also is a little different as the students and staff would see the implementation of a hybrid model.
Among the sports listed to return and how they are to return in an email that was sent out to CCSD staff, some found it surprising to learn that bowling, basketball, and all other winter sports were not listed. Considering the fact that with no spectators able to attend any event, there will be no revenue gained for the district. Schools will have only revenue lost, so how would holding these winter sports have hurt the district? In fact, many of these athletes are now going to be facing a new mental challenge as they see their athlete friends return to their respective spring sport while they, themselves, are still unable to participate.
Winter sport participants all over the district have been taken by shock feeling that they are not even viewed as an athlete by CCSD.
Many juniors and some sophomores and seniors have already experienced their first day(s) of the new ways of socially distant schooling with the taking of tests like the PSAT and the ACT.
Centennial High School distributed a mask on these test days and on the packaging it specifically states that it is a non medical mask, and this maybe means that the safety of the students’ health that were in attendance wearing this mask could have been compromised. The product is apparently a fashion dust mask, but does meet every safety guideline that is needed in a mask to be effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.