March Madness dribbles into 2021

March Madness finally arrived for avid basketball fans after being the first major sporting event to be canceled the year prior due to COVID-19.
This event takes place every year and is more commonly known as the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I men’s basketball tournament. A group of 68 teams will start off the competition.
Selection Sunday will kick off March Madness, which is going to be hosted at 6 p.m. ET on March 14. Selection Sunday reveals whether some teams have made it into the tournament or not, according to NBC Sports Washington.
Once the rounds begin, teams will be eliminated after each game played.
The first round starts with the First Four, which decides the first four teams that will be eliminated. Then, it goes to the first and second rounds, regional semifinals and finals, and finally the Final Four. The Final Four will be the last teams standing to take the cake.
At the very end, the winners will be announced.
March Madness is very popular for its intensity for teams and fans alike. A single loss can have a team booted out of the running.
This is only one reason why this event is so popular. According to College Sports Madness, college basketball is one of the most famous college sports in the country.
This year’s event will take place in Ind., in hopes that nothing is canceled. Even though last year’s tournament was canceled, there is hope that this one will be one of the best yet.