Golden Knights fortress reopens for all


Victoria French

The Fortress is open for all fans to watch and enjoy the live games once again.

The Arena, also known as the Fortress for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, is open to everyone once again, not just to the season pass holders.
The Knights are excited to have fans back to the Fortress but they must follow the rules to keep everyone safe and prevent anyone from getting sick.
When word got out that the Arena was once again opened, people were worried it was for select people only, when in fact it is open to all fans.
Though people can get tickets, they are only sold in sets of two. Fans do not purchase physical tickets, they use an app called CLEAR to do all of the work for them.
The Fortress is open with a limited capacity, which they have set to be 15 percent for the safety of the attendees and players.
Once fans arrive at the Fortress, there are rules to follow they may be escorted out.
Outside, the arena fans will be required to take a COVID test with a negative in order to enter. With Clear, Fans will fill out a form stating that they have had no COVID symptoms.
In the past, fans would line up outside the Fortress at their arrival, but to keep everyone safe and healthy, call times are assigned for entrance.
In the Fortress, fans are to find their seats and remain there for the game unless to use the restroom.
Fans are required to wear masks at all times unless the person is under the age of two. Fans that can not wear a mask due to medical reasons are not allowed entrance to the game.
In the past fans could bring clear bags to the Fortress, but with the new rules, no bags at all are permitted for any reason.
During the game food and drinks are still offered but there are changes they have made. Concessions are no longer accepting cash payments; they must be paid with a card.
The stadium store, also known as the Armory, will also be open in the Fortress but with limited capacity and social distancing as well. The Armory will only allow card payment methods as well.
After the game, exiting the Fortress will be by sections and seating area.
Fans will not be allowed up by the glass of the ice rink at any time for the safety of the player.
If fans wish to look over the rules they are posted on