Cross Country is back


Tim Hare

Newcomer girls preparing for their first race.

Cross country is back
Bark! Voice of the bulldogs
By: Madeleine hare

Cross country season came back again after COVID-19 took their season away. August 8th is the first day of school but also the first day of real practice for the team!

Everyone seems super excited about being able to finally be at school again and being able to socialize with others. COVID-19 really took a big one from the team after interviewing the team is seems that everyone agrees that COVID hurt them a lot mentally and what was needed was to be social and to see people and especially just to have a nice conversation and now that it is back again everyone is feeling quite good not only about the school year but also about the season!

Cross country had their first race on August 28th! The whole team was out on the field from 1:45 to 3:30 everyday working hard to live up to this moment of the big first race after quarantine. The whole team is feeling very uneasy and nervous about the race and coaches are pushing them to do their very best. Long mileage runs and workouts help them get their endurance and strength and the whole team even with a nervous mindset they are gonna do it.

After the race the team was tired and a little sore but the race went really well especially for the first race of the season. The coaches are feeling good about the season and the athletes have a lot of training and work to do but they are feeling confident and ready to work hard for the season. The coaches are extremely hard working and put a lot of dedication towards the team to help them get better and get ready for state nationals.

Cross country is back at it again after the COVID-19 outbreak mentally it really put a toll on the team but now they are ready to get back at it again and are being as safe as possible masks are required to be worn at practice and the team does what they are told to do and are working their hardest go centennial!