Nevada COVID-19 cases rising

Elizabeth Merrill
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Since July 7, 2021, Nevada COVID-19 cases have been steadily increasing.
Students and parents alike are worried knowing that as of Aug. 3rd, Nevada COVID-19 cases are back to the numbers from July of 2020 averaging 1,400 new cases every day.
Many students are hoping that school will continue as is. Students are concerned that if daily cases continue to increase, schools may shut down and have to revert to online classes.
“It’s annoying that we might need to go back online. I hated not being able to fully interact with people when we went to school.” junior, Callie Morgan said.
Concerns have also been voiced about how hard online will be for younger students. Last year many students struggled from the lack of direct communication and the challenge of working alone.
“I hope that my brother will get the full school experience,” Morgan said.
According to the NY Times, as of Sept. 17th, only 46% of Clark County residents are fully vaccinated. In the state of Nevada, 49% of the population is vaccinated with 3.3 million doses given and 1.54 fully vaccinated.
Many others are also concerned about the well-being of elementary school children since children can not get the vaccine.
“It’s important that all children are vaccinated. We need to make sure they can’t spread it if we want our numbers to go down. All we can do is hope it will happen soon,” parent of Centennial, Jeniffer Merrill said.