Key Club meetings commence


"2016 Kiwanis Key Club International Convention" by GoArmy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Key Club students from all over the world gather at a convention to participate in an activity.

Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Since the 1920s, the key club has been a huge part of most schools’ society; its core values are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness.
For many schools all over the world, Key Club is a way to get students involved in helping the community in any way possible. Helping the community can involve many things, whether those are big things or small things.
“Key Club is about volunteering and helping the community, especially the ones in need,” junior key club member, Eunice Kim said.
Key Club has a wide variety of events that they participate in, on a community scale and in school. Some events that take place in school are participating in festivals, volunteering to help with spirit weeks, or taking the time to help tutor a fellow student.
“Key club participates in festivals and community service,” Kim said.
At Centennial, key club meetings are held once a week. Meetings can be filled with service activities or it can just be a time to talk about upcoming events to participate in.
“Everyone meets upstairs and does the morning QR code. The QR code leads to a COVID-19 form that we have to fill out. We do the pledge and do an activity,” Kim said.
For students, some reasons for joining the key club can be different from one another. Reasons can be; wanting to help the community, having something to put on college applications, and wanting to try something new.
“I joined the key club because I want to volunteer and help the community,” Kim said.