School bathroom upkeep


Valentina Medina

A stall in the 300 girls restroom with no toilet paper- taken on 9/21.

By: Valentina Medina
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

As of the week of Sept. 20th, the 800 and 900 school bathrooms closed down due to graffiti and destructive behavior by students, but that is not the main problem.
The real issue is the lack of janitors keeping the bathrooms clean and stocked up with supplies. For example, a student went into the 300s girls’ bathroom, and there was only toilet paper in one stall.
Students get put in a situation where they must wait in a long line and face the consequences of their e-hall pass running out of time or resort to using a rough paper towel. Paper towels will not break down easily in the toilets because the towels are made to retain strength, therefore the toilets will get clogged.
Not only do the restrooms run out of toilet paper, but there are frequently no paper towels and only one pump full of soap.
“They’re definitely clogged, real nasty. I never drink water because I don’t want to go in there- it’s the truth. I only drink in my last class and hold it until I get home,” sophomore, Brooke Andrews said.
By stepping into the girls’ restrooms, one can tell that the toilets, stalls, floors, and sinks barely get cleaned.
“It’s disgusting because the floors are always sticky, and nobody puts their trash where it’s supposed to go. I never use the bathrooms anymore because it’s so gross,” sophomore, Maddison Kellahan said.
Many students get caught vaping in the bathrooms, and it creates an unhealthy environment for others.
“I hate using the bathrooms because they smell like weed,” sophomore, Sierra Brewster said.
With more janitors hired to clean the bathrooms, the school can become more sanitized and reliable.