Blood Drive successes


"Bloooooooodmobile." by J. McPherskesen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Blood drive vans travel to schools to ask students to donate blood.

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Successful blood drives occur all around the world. These are used to give those in need blood to help people survive.
The blood drive that took place at Centennial was a success, with many students and parents showing up to give back to the community.
At lunches and after school students showed up with the required forms and happily donated blood. Many parents also showed up to support the school’s blood drive.
The volunteers at the blood drive were students that are part of the National Honor Society. The students that are in NHS took time out of the day to volunteer and do what was asked to help.
NHS was the club that arranged the blood drive and spent about a week preparing for the blood drive. The students made fliers and put them throughout the halls in school.
The students also got word around about the blood drive asking people to participate and help the community. Many of the students in the NHS also donated blood.
For each hour that the blood drive was going for, about three NHS students were there to help in any way needed. The students checked in other students and adults that were there to donate.
Teachers were also included in the list of people who donated blood. Even the principal came out after school to participate and donate blood.
For the people who donated, afterward they got a coupon to Capriotti’s and were checked out. Overall, the blood drive that took place was successful and will hopefully continue in the years to come.