Vending machines frustrate students


Jadyn Johnson-Bowles

A student is angry at the vending machine because it did not give out food after the student paid.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Since the beginning of this school year, students have been infuriated with the vending machines and how they rarely work.
There are many problems with the vending machines, one of which is that some of them simply do not dispense what one paid for after they bought an item.
“I have wasted so much money on the vending machines and have it not give me what I paid for. It happens all the time and it’s really inconvenient. The vending machines are used by everyone daily which is weird because you would think the school would try and fix this problem. Some people rely on the vending machines for lunch because of the ridiculous lunch line and when you put two dollars in for some chips and nothing is vended it really sucks,” junior, Natalie Diaz said.
Another issue is that the drinks that are in the vending machines are not always cold or even slightly chilled.
“I’ve gone to get sodas to deal with the heat, but they were warm. All I wanted was a cold drink, but I couldn’t even get that because the vending machines are stupid,” junior, Haley Hannak-Dikes said.
In a new rule, most of the new vending machines in the quad lockdown during passing periods and class hours. Students are only able to buy items during lunchtime.
“I feel like having them closed is kind of pointless considering that we can’t use the water fountains due to COVID-19,” junior, Aiyoni King said.
The most pressing issue with the vending machines is that the apple pay option seldom is functional. Apple Pay is going through increasing popularity, so it would be helpful if school vending machines would be able to start incorporating that kind of payment option. However, this decision is all for naught if the machines are not going to receive the payment.
“I wish that the vending machines worked better because I can’t leave school to get food and I don’t want a hot lunch. If they took Apple Pay or worked when I tried it, it would be great,” junior, Darrah Simon said.
The student body is thankful that the administration was kind enough to grant the privilege of vending machines on campus, but if the vending machines worked a bit better, then the student body would be happier.