Centennial hosts blood drive


"Blood_Drive_02122020_0028" by Sacramento State is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Students show a sign to support the blood drive that is taking place at the school.

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

On Wed. Oct. 12, 2021, the National Honor Society hosted a blood drive at Centennial.
The blood drive is being held at school with the intention of letting students donate blood so students have to be of a certain age, height-weight ratio, and the student has to have parent permission to participate. Given the circumstances, not all students can participate.
“I didn’t donate blood only because needles are very scary to me and I have a hard time with them but it’s an amazing idea. I also didn’t donate because I don’t meet the height-weight ratio,” junior, Mackenzie Hynes.
Some people might have objections to the idea of students donating blood. Other people think it is a great idea because it gives the students the chance to help out the community.
“I think students donating blood is in fact a good idea. It’s good knowing that kids our age have good morals and are willing to donate for other people,” Hynes said.
With Centennial doing a blood drive it gets people thinking about whether or not other schools should also consider doing a blood drive.
“I definitely think more schools should donate blood. There’s nothing bad about having students donate so it should definitely start happening at more schools,” Hynes said.
Given everything that has happened with COVID-19, some people would find it unwise to do a blood drive while others still think that it is a good idea.
“It’s risky with covid for sure, but if the people donating are negative then I think it’s not a problem. I understand how it could affect other views of donating blood but to me, I think it’s still a good thing happening,” Hynes said.