New closed campus rules enforced


Jadyn Johnson-Bowles

Centennial doors are closed during school hours.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

On Oct. 20, the Centennial Administration sent an email to the student body, reminding the students that going off campus or having outside food delivered to the school during instructional hours is not permitted.
Centennial takes time to make sure that there are multiple food options available on campus, however, students are still dissatisfied.
“I appreciate that our school has food, but I simply do not always enjoy the school lunches. I have seen people get food delivered to the school, but the fact that it was against the rules never really crossed my mind. I think that if they want to get outside food so bad, they should start bringing their own lunches. It’s what I do and it’s not against school rules, and it also means that you don’t have to eat the school food if you don’t want to,” junior, Gabie Martinez said.
While in the past students may have been permitted to leave campus and come back after lunch, there is a new principal and the student body must remember to abide by the new rules, despite them being undesirable.
“One of the main joys of having a car in high school is being able to go off-campus for lunch and get food. There probably is a reason for us not being able to get outside food, but I think that at least those who have good attendance should be able to leave and get food,” junior, Haley Hannah-Dikes said.
With new advances in technology, delivery services are becoming more common, but the services have no place in school, and the usage of the apps needs to stop, seeing as taking time to order is taking time away from learning.
“I mean I’m a pretty chill teacher and when students are on their phones I find it pretty annoying. And being on your phone to order food in my class is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What is the point of spending money on more junk food when we have plenty of it here for free already,” teacher at Centennial, John Roberts said.
Principal Wipperman has spoken about the issue of tardiness at school, and this may just be another way to prevent it. Being a closed campus may not be a favorable decision for most students. Even so, the administration has the student body’s best interest at heart and only wants to protect everyone.