Fall fashion takes Centennial by storm


Jadyn Johnson-Bowles

Sweater weather is upon students everywhere.

By: Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Fall season and sweater weather has finally come to Las Vegas, which means that fall fashion at Centennial will start to explode.
The heat of summer is finally over which means students are unleashing sweatshirt collections and looking for more clothes. A common activity during this season is thrift shopping.
“Thrift shopping is where you go to Savers and look only in the men’s section for old dad sweaters and pants. I like going because you find some really great things that most people overlook and thrifting is kind of my whole style. I think that more people should do it and that more people will once they find out that it’s just something you do when you want to be trendy or quirky,” junior, Jasmine Williams said.
Fall can bring about many feelings that translate into clothes.
“To me, fall fashion is warm colors and overall fluff and all kinds of warm types of clothes,” junior, Mahea Adams said.
While the style of sweaters is coming in, some say that skinny jeans are going out of style.
“I still wear skinny jeans, but I definitely feel like there are other things that I could be weaning. I can always go and buy more sweatpants and I’ll be comfortable forever and won’t have to deal with the seam in my jeans getting twisted,” junior, Gabie Martinez said.
Fall style depends on the person but there are some components to outfits that are universal.
“Fall fashion can mean a lot of different things and can change depending on someone’s style, but the main clothing items are sweatshirts, hoodies, ugg boots, sweatpants, sweaters. Skinny jeans while they are ok are something that I don’t personally think are meant to be worn in the fall because they can let the cold in. Baggy clothes are more in this season than tighter clothes,” junior, Riley McKinnon said.
Students may say that comfort should be valued over anything else, but most are still worried about whether or not an outfit will be considered “cool”.
“I have a bunch of outfits that I think are cute and I would love to wear to school, but I always hear a voice in the back of my mind telling me that people will make fun of me or think that I’m weird. I wish that I had the confidence to wear more stylish clothes besides t-shirts and ripped jeans. The weekends are a good place to start though, and at some point, I might gain the courage to wear some of the outfits to school,” junior, Natalie Diaz said.
Fall might bring out the best in all of the Centennial family and inspire others to get in the spirit of wearing sweaters and the outfits that one might have been too scared of before.