No Time To Die shoots into an emotional rollercoaster

No Time To Die shoots into an emotional rollercoaster
By: Emily Johnson
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Editor in Chief

No Time To Die was just released in theatres along with other new, thrilling movies that many are dying to see, like Halloween Kills.
This movie is another installment of the James Bond series, and it is the final James Bond movie that Daniel Craig plans on starring in. He has been playing his character since 2006 in his first James Bond movie, Casino Royale.
Fair warning, the rest of this article does contain information about the movie, so viewer discretion is advised.
The movie starts out with Bond and his lover, Madeleine Swann. The two are in Matera, enjoying their time together until a bomb goes off and James thinks to believe it was Swann who put it there. He puts her on a train and leaves her until they reunite after five years as a biological poison is spread throughout the entire world.
They try to figure it out together, as their awkward encounter brings back many memories, Bond realizes later that it was not Swann that detonated the bomb, but a different man that Bond put in custody a while ago.
Bond and Swann reestablish their relationship, and he comes to find out shortly after he put Swann on the train she gave birth to a little girl named Mathilde, his biological daughter. As a man named Safin tries to go after them, they are running to stop the poison from spreading. In the end, the man Safin is killed and the facility is blown up by missiles, along with Bond still on the island, while Swann and his daughter are far away and safe.
While Bond does not live to see his family grow, he was able to meet his daughter, and live his final moments in peace. It was not a very unexpected ending though, considering this would be Craig’s last film playing the role of James Bond, supposedly.
But in the end, the film got a 3.6 out of 5 stars according to Rotten Tomatoes, which is a pretty good rating. Overall, the movie was definitely a success considering the amount of James Bond movies that were released.