Harvest festival follow up

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

On Thursday, Oct. 8, the harvest festival was held at the school with a very successful outcome.
Staff came together and made the harvest festival the success that it was. When putting together an event, it can be hard to know whether or not it would be a success, which was one of the things some teachers were worried about.
“Yes!! The Harvest Festival was a huge success. I believe that students have had such a hard time with not being able to attend functions due to COVID, everyone was very excited to get out and feel some normalcy,” Centennial High School assistant principal, Teri Lintz said.
Given COVID-19, many things in school have had to change to meet the COVID-19 requirements. With the festival and how many people there were, some things about the festival from the past had to be different to accommodate those requirements.
“This was my first experience with Harvest Festival, however, I have been told that this one was a little busier than past years. We had some parameters we had to meet because of COVID-19, like limiting the number of people we could let in the Haunted House at one time. That backs the line up quite a bit. That seemed to be the only major issue,” Lintz said.
The harvest festival had a lot of parts to it that expanded the experience and the options of what people could do. With some events, certain parts of it are more successful than others but sometimes the whole thing is.
“Honestly, the whole thing. We had many clubs and activities participating which made the whole event that much better. We had a non-stop stream of students and parents in attendance and it was so nice to see happy smiling faces! Mrs. Carter is hands down the reason it was so successful. She saw every detail through and was just outstanding! Kudos to her,” Lintz said.