School might go back online



Online school induces isolation.

Jadyn Johnson-Bowles
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Copy Editor

Recently, a rumor has been spreading about whether or not Centennial will go back to online schooling.
The past school year was taught primarily online, which was quite difficult for teachers, and the surfacing of this new rumor has reawakened a hatred for that time.
“Being in online school meant that students did not learn how a high school environment works. Going back online now would be a disservice to those sophomores, and to freshmen, who wouldn’t get a chance to complete a full year of high school,” teacher, Brenda Brown said.
While teachers are showing a dislike towards going back online, students have a different perspective.
“I mean, I feel like even though I didn’t learn during online school, I need to go back because the amount of classes that I have bad grades in is terrible. I think that I just need to cheat a bit to get my grades back because this first semester has been very hard,” an anonymous student said.
Seeing as this rumor has been pure speculation, and the administration has yet to issue an email about the development, leading many to believe that the rumor is fake.
“I think this is fake. If this was real, even if the principal was still deciding whether or not to do it, they would have sent an email out about it. People need to wait and see before telling people that this is what’s going to happen,” junior, Gabie Martinez said.
Whether this information is true, or pure speculation, it has caused many emotions and a divide in perspectives among the students and the teachers of Centennial.