Dangers of New Year’s celebrations


"Happy New Year 2018" by davidyuweb is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

People celebrate the new year by lighting fireworks and enjoying the show.

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

Every year on the night of Dec. 31 and the early morning of Jan. 1 people celebrate the new year in some dangerous ways.
Most people celebrate the new year by drinking alcohol. Some dangers of doing this are drinking while driving, driving when already under the influence, and people getting injured.
According to the blog of the American Safety Council, “The combination of the sheer number of travelers plus the inevitability of irresponsibly impaired drivers makes for a dangerous evening on the roads and one of the deadliest days for drunk driving in our nation.”
People can avoid the dangers of driving under the influence in many ways. Some people get a ride from someone else, while others do not go out at all and stay at home.
According to the blog of the American Safety Council, “Plan your travel options ahead of time, arranging for a designated driver, a hotel stay, shuttle/limo service, public transportation, and extra “Plan B” options before your night out.”
Fireworks are one of the top injury-causing products on New Year’s. During the celebrations, some people find it fun to set off fireworks at home, but doing this can also make it more likely that someone will get hurt.
According to Time, “…and children under five experienced a higher rate of fireworks injury than any other age group, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission,” Justin Worland said.
People can avoid the dangers of fireworks by following a set of rules. Also, professionals can be the ones to handle the fireworks, and instead, people can enjoy it by just watching.
According to Time, “The best way to avoid an injury from fireworks is to let the professionals handle them. But, if you do feel the need to launch your own pyrotechnics, there are a few rules to follow,” Worland said.