NJROTC performs for AMI


Photographer: Joshua Nathanson

Cadets honor their nation’s flag during the ceremony.

On February 10, 2022, Centennial High School’s NJROTC program performed in their Annual Military Inspection.
AMI, also known as Annual Military Inspection, is an event held at the school every year. Senators, instructors, and the Area 13 Manager come down to watch all 250 cadets march across the football field. The armed and unarmed drill teams also show off parts of their routines in between the ceremony.
“This year’s AMI went extremely well. [During] personnel inspection, everyone got good scores,” senior, Chloe Jankowski said.
Prior to marching, also known as pass-in-review, every cadet is inspected in their khaki uniforms, which are given to them by the Navy, and are given a certain score as their grade for the day. If a cadet gets a ten, which is the max, then they get a ribbon during the ceremony at the end of the day.
“My favorite part is the end seeing everyone’s looks of relief and the proud faces at what they accomplished,” Jankowski said.
Overall, the ceremony was a success. In the end, cadets Salome Medina and Katherine Vlaming were awarded scholarships from the Navy and were even interviewed by the news, which for many is a once and a lifetime experience.
“We had many guests come and watch us and say some words to the battalion to encourage and congratulate everyone for the hard work put into this,” Jankowski said.
However, even though AMI is over, there is still much work to be done until the end of the year, including the program’s national competition that will begin March 30.