Golden Knights are losing momentum

By: Christopher Lellos Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs Tech Director


Matt Kalman

Knights keep on their downfall with a defeat to the Bruins.

Golden Knights fell even further down in the division and have been fighting to make the playoffs.
Last year the Knights had a total of 82 points in 56 games, while this year we have 64 in the same amount of games. The Knights are playing exponentially worse than they have ever had since the year they came in the league.
They have lost 6 of their last 10 and have fallen to fourth in their division and are 1 point from being out of playoff contention. If the Knights somehow manage to make the playoffs, there are going to be quite a few changes to the roster and the coaching staff for sure.
One thing that would likely change in the future offseason is the changing of coaching with the head coach Peter DeBoer getting the boot and a possibility of general manager Kelly McCrimmon also leaving the team. This would hopefully bring new light and the possibility of a new playstyle that would help the knights win tough matchups.
Out of the entire starting lineup for the Golden Knights, the most likely move that will happen is trading our current goalkeeper Robin Lehner for a better overall player to replace him. Lehner is decent but what he has is size, lacks in speed and awareness.
He is letting up around 3 goals a game which ranks 31st of all goalies. However, it is not entirely his fault with the defense being almost nonexistent at times but most for a top team like the Knights should be, the number of goals that we concede should be lower.
The Knights have to drastically improve their game if they want to even stand a chance to make it or else they would not make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.