Getting ready for a blood drive


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A blood drive company stops by and makes it possible for people to donate.

By: Marissa Murphy
Bark! Voice of the Bulldogs
Staff Writer

On Wed. Feb. 22, a blood drive will be held at Centennial during and after school.
With the blood drive approaching many students start to think about whether or not participating is something that is going to happen. For some students the decision is easy while for others it takes more thought.
“I am going to the blood drive because I believe that donating blood can save lives and is important,” junior, Khalil Mc Ewan said.
Donating blood is considered by many people to be very important since it is a way to give back to the community. Some people think starting to give back at a young age is even more important and can build character.
“Yes, I do believe that students should give back to the community at a young age because using your ability to help others is important,” Mc Ewan said.
As important as it is, not every school hosts or participates in blood drives. Some people think that more schools should start doing blood drives because it is beneficial.
“I think having more schools do blood drives will help bring in more students with universal blood,” Mc Ewan said.
Some people think that donating blood is helpful because it is meant to give blood to those in need. However, some might argue that donating blood is not as helpful, because one person can only donate so much and it could be considered not enough.
“I think donating blood is helpful because it can save lives,” Mc Ewan said.