Gas prices skyrocket


"Gas Station" by olga.reznik is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Gas prices continue to climb as high as they were when the market crashed in 2008.

Gas prices in the United States have skyrocketed due to oil being produced by Russia.
A key reason gas is at an all-time high is because President Joe Biden has cut off imports from Russia. This is due to the ongoing war in Ukraine versus Russia.
The increased prices of gasoline have gone up by 8 cents in the last weeks and have gone up to $1.67 in the last year. America is in a frenzy about the still raising cost causing a bucket load of other problems.
People are starting to not be able to afford to drive anymore. This can become an issue when low-income families can no longer afford to drive to and from work.
Many Americans question the long road and wonder whether or not gas prices will go down or not. The prices might even continue to go up with the months passing by.
“Gas is becoming so high I am thinking about getting a more cost-effective car,” Anonymous said.
The electric car industry is steadily increasing and it does help when gas becomes too expensive for the average person to afford.
“Gas can not keep going up I can not even fill up my tank,” Anonymous said.
Increasing prices also means car prices are going up as well. Everything is going to go up with the cost of gas.
Overall, the war may affect much more than some may believe. Hopefully, it does not affect everyone as much as it is, unfortunately, affecting Ukraine right now.