Jostens visits Centennial for class rings

Jostens make their annual visit to Centennial to sell Juniors class rings
Every year, the ring company, Jostens, makes its way to Centennial to encourage students to buy class rings
Normally the company visits sophomores but had to change their routine due to COVID. Last year the company couldn’t speak to the sophomore class because of distance learning. This year they are making up for lost time by speaking to Juniors.
Students were to be excused from class for a short period of time to watch a presentation from a Jostens representative. During this presentation, students were taught what the rings represent, how to buy a ring and the prices of the rings.
After the presentation, each student was given a small packet to take home. Inside the packet contains a sizer to tell students their ring sizes, a form to fill out for a class band or class jewelry, and a photobook to present the ring options along with their prices.
The rings can range from anywhere between $100 to $1,000 depending on the choice of metal.
If a student buys a ring then they are guaranteed to get a free cap and gown for graduation.
During the presentation, the students were entered into a raffle for a free ring. The free cap and gown were also offered to the winner of the raffle.
Students who are still interested in purchasing class rings can get information from the activities office, or visit for more information.