Student Council Elections Coming Up

StuCo students play a big role in school events such as prom, Sadie’s, battle weeks, homecoming, winter week and different spirit days. When electing students for their roles, the school comes together to consider who might be responsible enough for their tasks.
Election ballots will be open from Wednesday, March 16th at 7 am and will close on Thursday, March 17th at 11:59pm. The winners may be announced on the Bulldog Broadcast or the Centennial app.
The pros of being elected to office are the memories and lessons learned in the class. A con may be the disagreements that the class has all together, but all in all, it is beneficial to be elected.
Presidents are usually in charge of their class years. They come to their class meetings prepared to discuss new ideas and make sure they are executed properly. For example, the junior class president came up with spirit week ideas and created fliers for it to discuss the idea with the entire class.
An example of what a treasurer may do is taking charge of fundraisers and keeping track of money in order to manage how much the fundraisers earn and how much the student council can spend to contribute to the class.
Vote for who may be in charge of the different options in the election ballots which could be found on the Centennial website. Keep an eye out for the results of the elections via Bulldog Broadcast.