Centennial varsity baseball swings against Rancho


McKayla Edwards

Jordan Boman pitches for Centennial.

On Mar. 15, 2022, Centennial’s varsity baseball team played at Rancho High School and Rancho won 4 to 2.
The game was quite a close one Centennial was down by 2 runs, Rancho had a good start in the first inning, and already the team had started out with 2 runs. By the third inning Rancho scored 1 point also in the fourth inning they scored a point. Centennial was struggling a bit, but by the fifth inning, they scored their first run and the 2nd point in the seventh inning.
The game was held at Rancho High School on Tuesday. It was a non-conference game and Rancho won by 4. The coach has the varsity team practicing almost daily and doing a lot of warmups to work on their skills and performance and better themselves to play.
There were a lot of mixed feelings about the game especially since centennial was struggling most of the game and the boys were doing their best to try and stick through the game but sadly they ended up losing.
“Centennial’s most embarrassing game, we really did not do our best, Freshman Noa Oyadomari said.”
Jordan Boman pitched most of the game.
“It was a pretty difficult game to push through but we managed,” Jordan Boman said.
Centennial’s now preparing for their next game against Liberty high school, where the Bulldogs are hoping to redeem themselves at the game and show their full talent on the field.