2022 brings new prom fashion trends


Barbra Medina

Fashion statements such as silk dresses and high slits are extremely popular this year.

Prom has been announced to be on April 30 for Centennial students, so prom fashion has been spiking in popularity.
Every year there is a different style for prom. Sometimes it can be hard if others want to follow the trends or stick to a certain style. Finding an outfit for prom can also be a little difficult due to the CCSD dress code.
“Remember this is a school function, so dresses should be at least fingertip length, as well as the slits in any dresses. Spaghetti straps are fine, off the shoulder is fine, but no sleeveless dresses. Depending on how revealing, a student can possibly get kicked out and no refund,” assistant principal, Taryn Apollo said.
The dress code that was stated was more leaning toward females, so I asked how can a male get dress coded
“I don’t really know, anything gang-affiliated or showing too much skin,” Apollo said.
Getting closer to prom day, wardrobes accidents happen. Spills, rips and fitting problems may happen, even on the day of.
“If you need something big fixed, I’d recommend going to a shop and they’ll fix it, for the day of, if you spill something on your outfit, don’t rub it in just blub it. If there’s a rip, push it outward and not inward,” fashion teacher, Jasmine Reuel said.
Fortunately, this year students do not have to worry about COVID-19 and can focus on having a good time with friends while showing off prom outfits.