Academic students are honored for high GPA



An academic award gets presented to each student of the month.

Those who received an academic letter last school year were celebrated again with another award ceremony and breakfast on Mar. 30, 2022.
Academic achievement is a highly regarded accomplishment for both the students and the parents. While colleges may not particularly look at those achievements, college admissions like to hear that the student applied themselves in school.
To have received an academic letter last year, a student must have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher throughout the school year.
“To maintain a 3.5 GPA was difficult when I would stress myself out, but it became easier when I stayed on top of things and realized that you don’t have to be absolutely perfect,” junior, Amber Mercer said.
Those select students will be honored again by receiving a pin to go on a varsity jacket this year.
“I still cannot believe that I got a letter in the first place. I didn’t plan to have one, but I also didn’t know that you could get a varsity letter for that. But now, I try to stay organized and on track. All my work has paid off, though, because I get a pin,” junior, Sophia Knudson said.
Academic achievement does not stop with a varsity letter and a pin. Most students also try to receive an Advanced Honors Diploma at graduation.
“I thought I was going to have nothing to show for my work, but my counselor told me about the diploma options, and after that, I took harder classes and pushed myself to get things done,” Mercer said.
Anyone who wishes to strive for academic success is encouraged to work hard and accomplish the goal, despite how hard it may seem.
“Don’t push things off until the last minute. Do your best and be kind to yourself, don’t stress too much about school. Stay on top of your work, and you will do fine,” Mercer said.