Fans go into frenzy after Doja Cat’s concert gets canceled

Fans are extremely disappointed with Amala Dlamini, also known as Doja Cat after her concert was canceled in Paraguay.
The concert was canceled due to severe weather conditions that made the singer unable to perform and keep fans safe.
Shortly after the concert was canceled, fans broke into tears over social media, angry at Dlamini for not giving them a concert. They even went as far as to stalk Dlamini and stand outside of her hotel, demanding she perform.
While standing outside, they chanted for Dlamini to come outside and greet her fans but she refused to do so.
Due to the cold temperatures and the rain, many got sick and rumors of death began to circulate. Paraguanians blamed Dlamini for this, stating that it was her fault.
This resulted in people harassing Dlamini over the internet, calling her slurs, attacking her fans, and even comparing her to Hitler. Many took offense to this as Dlamini is Jewish.
“I am not sorry,” Dlamini said. This was in response to a tweet asking for her to apologize for the situation. This is when fans began to send the singer death threats and throw many insults at her.
The following day, after her concert in Brazil, Dlamini tweeted that she did not give Brazil a good enough concert. Many speculated that this was because of the situation in Paraguay.
This once again started a fight on Twitter which resulted in Doja Cat tweeting that she wants to quit music.
Doja Cat’s music career is currently in the air right now.