Spring break in full swing


Beach photo

Students get ready for warm toes in the sand during spring break.

Spring break is already starting off with a bang with the warm weather and the long hours in the day. Spring break is the time of the year to break free and cut loose.
The Las Vegas schools’ spring break is about to kick off in less than two weeks and everyone could not be more excited. The beach crowds are by far the favorite destination spots every year.
Some of the locals of Las Vegas are spending spring break in the comfort of own homes. Some even enjoy Vegas while pretending to be tourists.
The list is endless of possibilities to do while on a stay-vacation in the infamous Sin City. Most chose to go to Circus-Circus, Top Golf, and even activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and waterparks.
“I’m going to the beach in Florida but, I’m more excited to swim with the dolphins. I want to stay home more though but nevertheless, I’m still excited”, Junior Jadyen Lopes said.
Although there are still going to be many travel spots, the most popular spots this year are Florida, California, and Texas. However, spring break is becoming more expensive, increasing the number of non travelers as well.
“My parents could not afford to go anywhere this year so we have to stay home.”, Sophomore, Juno Barnes said.