Gas prices skyrocket amidst conflict


Tom Webster, via Wikimedia Commons

Traffic piles up by Las Vegas Boulevard.

Gas prices have been the latest buzz around the world.
With soaring prices, it has left people in a state of confusion. High prices to fill tanks affect working people across the spectrum.
With gas prices garnering much attention, President Biden has recently been under fire. This has resulted in presidential powers being enacted. Biden, through the next six months, plans on releasing one million barrels of oil every day.
This oil being released belongs to the strategic oil reserve. A reserve that runs along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, in underground caverns. This reserve is in place for emergencies and trading for other countries, while it holds 700 million barrels of oil.
The reason for all of this comes by the way of supply. The plan is to release millions and millions of barrels, resulting in a potential overflow of supply. This exponential supply is what most leaders believe will help in lowering the price of gas gallons.
“It could come down the better part of, you know, anything from 10 cents to 35 cents a gallon. It’s unknown at this point,” Biden said
This problem affects millions and millions of people. It is easy to take a look at just how impactful this is to everyday Americans and teenagers who attend school. With the rising prices, what once was a relaxing drive to school, has turned into a frightful drive. Rising prices mean teenagers and families paying large out-of-pocket costs for gasoline.
For most students, this means driving to school and keeping activity driving to a low. Students are working minimum-wage jobs, and some are not working at all. This means students are crunched for money, something that does not align with the rising gas prices. One example, is Jace Kalling, a student who drives to and from school every day.
“With rising prices, it definitely makes you more aware of your driving,”- Sophomore, Jace Kalling said.
In the following months, leaders and people hope to see a downfall in gas prices. This in turn will help to save families money across the country.