Bulldogs criticize dress code


Madeleine Hare

Outfits students wear at school.

School dress codes are meant to exclude many types of clothes such as provocative clothes and with that a lot of students and parents disagree with the dress code rules.
Dress code has been enforced for a very long time, although as the years have passed the dress code has gotten way more controversial and a lot of students agree that the dress code is not really a big deal.
The dress code was made to “keep a well and undistracted classroom”. The dress code enforced students to wear no baggy clothes, appropriate width shoulder straps which is two inches, no tank tops, no jeans with holes, and so much more.
Teachers and administration were very strict with clothes and it was more typically leaned towards female clothing.
“I think that the school dress code should not be abolished but should be more lenient, people should be allowed to wear whatever they want as long as the clothing isn’t too revealing of body parts,” sophomore, Luis Castro said.
In some schools in Nevada, there were peaceful protests about the dress code and how some parts of it were unfair to the students. A lot of clothes now-a-days are cropped or have some weird design on it therefore it gets hard to find proper clothing for the dress code rules.
“I believe that school dress codes should be reformed because when most dress code rules were written they were written in a different time period,” senior, Carmen Baccari said.