Bulldogs prepare for AP exams

During the first two weeks of May, Centennial and many other schools in the Clark County District are hosting AP tests.
In the AP curriculum there are many different AP class options ranging from Psychology to Statistics and many others in between.
“I’m taking the biology and psychology AP exams because they will bring me college credit,” junior, Khalil Mc Ewan said.
There are students that are taking AP classes but have chosen not to take the exams. Other people think that spending the money for the test is not worth it if a specific college will not take the credit.
“I didn’t want to pay money to take a test that might not even matter for college. If I don’t do good on the test then it would have been a waste of time,” junior, Jadynn-Rose Moore said.
There are students that decided to take the test however, when making that decision a key factor was deciding whether or not it was worth putting all the time and effort into preparing for it.
“Depending on the class it can be very rewarding. The benefits slightly outweigh the negatives,” Mc Ewan said.
As the testing dates are approaching most students are starting to study and prepare for the tests in a certain way. There are teachers who are very helpful with the preparation process while others are not.
“I have started to study all the available material and my teachers have been helpful with my studying,” Mc Ewan said.
There are students that think that even without taking the AP tests that the classes do a good job with preparing for college level classes. However, there are also students who are split on whether or not the classes are super helpful.
“I think the lectures prepare us for college but certain things we learn don’t really matter,” Moore said.